Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Reading with the understanding of expectation!

After 2 weeks of school we are on our way to using Explain Everything independently. Today in Reading the students managed 6 pages of activities designed to support their reading book. As they turned each page it was lovely hearing their excitement not only at the new activity but also because they were able to complete the task independently.

Friday, 5 February 2016

4 days and 4 students...

A new year and a new outlook with regards to iPads and their start up in class. Day 2 and we began photography within 'Explain Everything.' Each stage of entry was represented with the laminated icon on the board. The students were all able to access the camera and take photos. within 10 minutes. Straight after this, now that they were able to access 'Explain Everything,' we were able to begin working on the requirements for their reading activities. From this the pencil and colour palette were used as part of the tools within 'Explain Everything.' All in a days work!!